Why escape to the beach in Cancun?

Why escape to the beach in Cancun?


If you’re planning to hit the beach with a , you’ll have a fair few destinations to choose from. Cancun, in the south-east of the country, is among the top spots for a beach holiday in Mexico – read on to find out why.

Beaches and weather

Of course, the two key ingredients of any beach getaway are sun and sand. Cancun offers a potent combination of balmy temperatures and gorgeous beaches (17 miles of them, in fact), which automatically makes it a strong contender for this kind of break.

What marks out Cancun from other destinations is that it is often said to combine the very best of Mexico and the Caribbean, being situated on the Caribbean Sea. It’s not hard to see why – you get all the culture of Mexico, paired with the paradise-like beaches that look like they’ve been snatched straight from a Caribbean island.


When organising a beach holiday, most of us have relaxation in mind – but that means different things to different people. If you’re someone who needs a couple of decent nights out in order to really unwind, then Cancun is definitely the place for you.

Packed with restaurants, bars and clubs, it’s famous for its nightlife – and, as there’s such a wide selection of venues, there’s somewhere that caters for pretty much every taste you can think of. Among the most popular spots – particularly among 20-somethings – is Dady’O.

Situated in the heart of the hotel district, this club sprawls over five floors, all themed to look like caves (a nod to the local cenote diving culture). It plays a pretty eclectic mix of music, from hip hop and trance to house and Latin.

The Bulldog Cafe is another popular option. This one tends to stage a lot of live music (local and international acts alike) and, outside of that, plays a wide range of tunes – perhaps even more so than Dady’O. Think rock and alternative mixed with salsa and the international top ten.

Water sports

Another popular fixture of beach holidays is water sports, and Cancun is a great destination if you’re planning on making the most of the water while you’re out here. While there is loads of stuff you can do – everything from swimming to sailing and fishing – there’s no doubt that snorkelling and scuba diving are the real stars of the show.

That’s because it’s here that you’ll find the Great Mesoamerican Reef. The second-largest reef in the world, it’s home to a massive variety of marine life. There are lots of great destinations for both scuba diving and snorkelling, with the El Garrafon National Park on Isla Mujeres being particularly good for the latter. So, you can choose just how serious you want to get by picking between tranquil snorkelling trips or skilled dives.

If you’re keen on learning to scuba dive, there are plenty of schools around. If you’re already qualified and want a challenge, cenote diving is a must. This is a local speciality, and you can choose between cavern diving, during which you can still see natural light, or cave diving, where you go far enough to leave sunlight behind you.


If all that sounds a bit hectic for what you have in mind, don’t make the mistake of thinking Cancun isn’t for you. What’s nice about the destination is that it caters for all kinds of holidaymakers and, if you don’t like the sound of clubbing and water sports, the destination’s array of spas are likely to be more your style.

A lot of the hotels here are actually home to spas – like the Le Blanc Spa Resort – so if you’re really keen on pampering yourself, it’s worth checking out your options in this regard before you travel.

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