Valley Of Flowers Himalayas

Valley Of Flowers Himalayas

A visual delight and a treat to ones senses, the valley of Flowers is located in the upper reaches of the Himalayas. A trek into the valley during the monsoons is enough to lift spirits and leave you spellbound in an absolutely wonderful way. Famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, endangered species of animals and endemic alpine flowers, the park is truly a paradise for everyone who loves the glory of nature. Standing true to its name, Valley of flowers is filled with several species of exotic flowers, the sight of which is really like a dream.

Taking a walk through the valley would surely throw some of the most incredible experiences of your life. Chasing the colorful butterflies in the park and by the glacial stream surrounded by pretty flowers would make you forget all about the reality. It is like you are living in a beautiful dream and would like it to go on and on.

Covering a vast expanse of 87.50 sq km with a range of various alpine flowers, Valley of Flowers  is situated in Uttarakhand state of India at an altitude of 3,658 meters above sea level. Though, the whole region remains covered with thick blankets of snow completely during winters but it comes alive with a riot of colors with blooming flowers in summer. It appear like a bright carpet of colors  with snowcapped mountains as a backdrop. You will encounter numerous cascading waterfalls while making a way through the Valley. The trek is slightly difficult but the overall is experience is worth it. The best time for the Valley of Flowers India tour is from July to August. This is when the valley is in its full bloom and the climate remains best to trek this beautiful valley.

The National Park is the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and also home to rare and endangered animals, including the snow leopard, Asiatic black bear, blue sheep and brown bear. With its gentler landscape and breath-taking beautiful meadows, the park complements the rugged high mountains and the wilderness of Nanda Devi.

Valley of Flowers was discovered by the British mountaineers Eric Shipton, Frank S. Smythe and R.L. Holdsworth who incidentally reached this valley after a successful expedition of Mount Kamet in 1931. They were attracted by the beauty of the region which was filled with flowers at that time. It was later established as a national park of India and named Valley of Flowers. The national park is now also a world heritage site.

So this monsoon, forget all about the other vacation places and get ready to discover this valley by yourself and get immersed in the beauty of the region. Live your dream and make lot of beautiful memories. You will be completely mesmerized by thousands of alpine flowers with the backdrop of Himalayas. It is true that India tour is full of myriad of unexplored amazing places and every corner of this incredible country would reveal yet another aspect of its unique identity.

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