The Tastiest Mexican Cuisine

The Tastiest Mexican Cuisine

The Tastiest Mexican Cuisine

If you can’t get enough of Mexican food like me, you’ll know it to be some of the tastiest – and sometimes fieriest – food you’ll experience.  I love to share a Mexican themed meal with my family and friends and I’m sure many of you do too.

What better treat for your taste buds than a fiery Enchilada (topped with chilli sauce) washed down by a cool Mexican style Mojito (the Mexicans replace the rum with tequila).  Whether you’re a firm fan of Mexican food or have yet to explore the wide variety of tasty and wholesome dishes, one thing’s for sure; until you’ve tasted the dish in Mexico, you haven’t experienced it at all!

But where to start? Let’s take a look at my top 5 tastiest Mexican classics:




A simple and very tasty dish that consists of a delicious tortilla (usually freshly cooked if you experience it in Mexico) wrapped around some mouth-watering ingredients which you’ll find can be quite varied depending on where you eat it and what your personal preference is.  Typical fillings can include: a variety of meats, beans, cheese, vegetables, potato, and, in some cases depending on your location, seafood.


After you’ve picked the fillings you’d like, the enchilada will usually be covered with a generous sprinkling of grated cheese and baked before being served with some fiery chilli sauce.  If your taste buds are a little on the delicate side, don’t worry, you can ask for some sour cream which will really cool the dish down.





You’ve probably heard of the ‘Old El Paso’ brand (particularly if you live in the UK) and may have tried one of their many meal kits.  These allow you to prepare a tasty Mexican meal in hardly any time by just adding some fresh ingredients – they even sell tins of one of my firm favourites; refried beans.


One of the kits allows you to make a delicious meal of tacos and it’s certainly very tasty.  If you are lucky enough to experience this dish at its very best in the country from which it originates, you’re sure to agree that it’s even tastier!


This classic dish is served all over Mexico in restaurants and on the many street stalls  you’ll find selling freshly cooked dishes (don’t forget to watch which one’s the locals go to as this is the best seal of approval). You’ll usually find that the chef will serve you a generous portion of freshly cooked beef or chicken from a spit. This will then be piled into a fresh tortilla made from corn, with the addition of guacamole, cilantro (fresh coriander) and more of that tasty chilli sauce, before folding it into the classic half moon shape.


Mole (pronounced mo-lay)



Not a dish in its own right, but certainly deserving of a place on my top 5 list for being one of the tastiest – and most interesting – sauces I’ve ever tried.  You might not have had this one outside of Mexico, where it’s a traditional sauce served at birthday meals and celebrations; usually to accompany turkey and sometimes pork or chicken.


There has been much debate as to who should be credited with the original invention of Mole, this aside, you should definitely try it if you get the chance as it’s certainly a unique taste. You might be surprised to learn that it contains some unusual ingredients that most people would never think of putting together (such as chocolate, tomatoes, garlic, dried fruit and cloves, to name but a few).




This is yet another dish that has stood the test of time in Mexico – it has been eaten by the locals there for quite literally thousands of years, tracing its origins right back to the original settlements.  The Tamale can also be seen as the Mexican equivalent of the sandwich in that the fillings are almost infinitely varied.


You’ll usually find that it’s served for breakfast or quite often as an early lunchtime snack. The dish itself basically consists of corn-based dough (called masa) which is then wrapped with a plantain leaf and steamed or boiled – do remember to take the leaf off before you bite into it though – and it is typically filled with meat or fish, cheese, vegetables and spices.


It’s certainly a delicious and filling comfort food and, for those of you with a sweet tooth, there’s even a dessert version – tamal de dulche – where pink food colouring and sweetened fruit – usually raisins – is added.




Another dish you won’t find so easily outside of Mexico – but nevertheless very tasty and almost addictive – Esquites is a very simple yet tasty snack which consists of sautéed grains of corn – which are first boiled – with the addition of chopped onion, salt and chillies.


It’s then usually served in small paper or polystyrene cups with a dollop of mayonnaise, fresh lime juice and more of the ever present chilli for which Mexican dishes are so well known; simple but completely delicious!


Whether you’re already a firm fan – or should I say addict – of Mexican cuisine, or have yet to experience these tasty dishes, why not make Mexico your next holiday destination so you can sample this food at its best.


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