The Popularity of River Cruising

The Popularity of River Cruising

The Popularity of River Cruising

People love to “get away from it all”, and just thinking about well-deserved holidays to sunnier climates tends to make it all worthwhile. One vacation that’s as popular today as it has ever been is to take to the water on a river cruise in far flung lands.

There are some fantastic choices of cruises inland too – it just depends on how much sunshine a person needs as to the choice of river cruise destinations.


Wonderful Destinations & Mind Blowing River Cruises


Just about everyone has heard about cruising down the River Nile and there is a lot to be said for a holiday on the water in the lands of the Pharaohs. For a very long time, Egypt has attracted visitors from different parts of the world, usually visitors looking for guaranteed sunshine and fabulous ancient sites to explore.

But there are other areas of the world just as fascinating, with France featuring high on the list. In fact, Europe has many wonderful rivers to cruise along whether it’s Spain or Germany to name but two, and there are cruises to suit everyone – including some rather interesting trips including beer!

Further afield, there are the rivers of China to explore. This is a relatively new territory that’s still very unspoiled by the tourist industry, making it a popular choice for the more adventurous travellers out there.

Again, the culture and the history of the land can be admired and investigated whilst leisurely travelling down some of the most beautiful rivers on the planet.


A relaxing time down river

A relaxing time down river



A Tranquil Way to See the World

The reason why river cruises have remained popular ways to enjoy a holiday is that they offer people a chance to slow their lives down to a more reasonable pace. There’s no better way to explore the world than by languishing on the deck of a luxury boat as it cruises at 5mph passed beautiful landscapes, villages, towns and rural settings.

River cruises allow holiday makers to get up close and experience local cultures which mean they get a real taste of the lands they visit. In France, this could include passing wonderful castles surrounded by vineyards and supremely scenic villages.

Going back to the River Nile, cruises meander past the pyramids and traditional villages that have remained the same for centuries. This is just one of the reasons why river cruises have almost quadrupled in popularity in the last ten years.

It’s All in the Timing

give holiday makers the opportunity to follow the seasons around the world. A great time to get away to the States is during the autumn, when the leaves are turning on the trees, making for spectacular landscapes and beautiful riverbanks.

Autumn is a great time to travel to destinations like China or Russia too – at this time of the year the weather is perfect because it’s usually too hot or too cold in these far flung lands. It makes the experience more pleasurable all round. Travellers avoid the mad rush that go hand in hand with peak holiday months when they plan an autumn getaway on a river cruise and that’s got to be a good thing!

Floating Hotels That Have it All

Today, river ships are luxurious floating hotels that offer everything a person could ever need. These boats are the perfect setting to spend an idyllic time just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful scenery your cruise offers. The stopovers are well planned which takes so much onus off having to organise things yourself – making for the perfect no worry vacation of a lifetime.


There is something very special about cruising down a river, no matter which continent it happens to be on. Taking life at a slower pace has such a wonderful appeal these days, which is why river cruises have become one of the most popular choices of getaway vacations. If you think about it carefully, who wouldn’t enjoy being pampered on a floating palace never having to worry about a thing?

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