The Best Coffee in Cape Town

The Best Coffee in Cape Town

Coffee is one of the most loved drinks in the world. It kick-starts your day and is a beacon of sanity somewhere between all the madness. There’s nothing like opening that bag of ground coffee, the smell of roasting beans, or a fresh pot on the brew. Below are a few places where you will find combinations of the best food and more importantly, quality coffee, in the Mother City of Cape Town. So just where do you go to find the best coffee in capetown?

Everybody loves coffee in Cape Town.

Everybody loves coffee in Cape Town.

Truth: Vengeance, Resurrection and Donde’s Chaos are some of the best blends on offer at Truth. Its industrial look fused with modern décor makes sitting there a moment of magic. The coffee shop provides visitors with free Wi-Fi which is perfect for the lunch-time browse or the mid-morning meeting, making it a great place for networking, mixing and mingling.

Prestwich Memorial | 1 Somerset Road | Green Point | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 419 2945

Giovanni’s Deli World: One of the longest standing family-run coffee hangouts in the city with great day time snacking and outstanding quality coffee. Styled to the typical pavement café and fashioned around the ideal coffee house blending with the perfect Italian deli. Cappuccinos, espressos and fantastic food combined with an awesome atmosphere makes Giovanni’s an incredible little place to be.

103 Main Road | Green Point | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 434 6893

Knead: With the original overlooking Muizenberg beach and attracting all the locals from the area, running at all the big festivals and with branches around the city at Wembley Square, Kloof Street, Gardens and Newlands, Knead has become rather famous. Great coffee and fantastic baked goods, brilliant food and the friendly service never fail to please.

Surfer’s Corner, Beach Road | Muizenberg | +27 (0)21 788 2909

Coffee, ahh it’s what’s it’s all about!

Coffee, ahh it’s what’s it’s all about!

Caturra Coffee: Caturra was established in 1994 and has become a popular and well-known brand of coffee beans; this little treasure of a shop is the local home of this fabulous bean. The finest beans are brought in from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Costa Rica and Zambia offering the coffee connoisseurs the absolute best of the best. Caturra Coffee is now supplied to more than 2 500 restaurants, hotels and coffee shops in Southern Africa. Caturra’s slogan is “Coffee is sometimes needed and other times wanted.”

14th Avenue | Maitland | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 593 1199

Deluxe Coffeeworks: Here, the finest coffee beans are imported from around the world and are roasted to absolute perfection every time. Located in the heart of the city centre, next to Mandela Rhodes Hotel, with the hustle and bustle adding to the ambiance, it is the perfect lunch time stop accompanied by good music and fabulous food. Their beans are all roasted on site, so buy a bag and take the best of Deluxe Coffeeworks home with you.

25 Church Street | City Bowl | Cape Town | +27 (0)72 903 0319

Rcaffè Coffee Shop: The recently greened and environmentally friendly Rcaffè is all about good food and great coffee. And Capetonians just love good coffee, they simply won’t settle for anything less. The Rcaffè Coffee Shop is inspired by Arcaffè, which is a chain of coffee shops overseas. Sit at the one of the window based coffee bars and watch as the world walks by on Long Street, it is without a doubt one of the best people watching locations in the city. The fireplace is the perfect addition on those typical rainy days in winter, so snuggle up with a good cuppa.

138 Long Street | City Bowl

Skinny Legs & All: Everything at Skinny Legs & All is locally sourced with a focus on healthy food and fresh produce, making up some awesome food from French toast to superb soups, delicious baked goods and gorgeous cheeses, open sandwiches with the choice of sourdough bread or rye. Aside from freshly squeezed juices, brilliantly blended smoothies and teas, you will find the finest coffee. In case you’re wondering, the name ‘Skinny Legs and All’ comes from the book by Tom Robbins.

70 Loop Street | City Centre | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 423 5403

The Sidewalk Café: Warmly referred to as the ‘pavement special’ of Madame Zingara’s family, the Sidewalk Café is a popular, vivacious and unique hangout with a great vibe that not only offers fantastic food and a fully stocked bar, but some of the best coffee in town. The staff and owners know the regulars by name and the service remains outstanding, even after all these years. With free Wi-Fi together with the constant stream of locals and visitors to the area pouring through the doors it’s a great option for an afternoon chill session.

33 Derry Street | Vredehoek | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 461 2839

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