My Mother had her Wedding on a Train

My Mother had her Wedding on a Train

Photo taken of the happy couple at Union Station in Kansas City.I have traveled by train extensively throughout the Midwest, most often traveling to Kansas City from St. Louis and back to visit family and friends. Each train trip has been fun and unique in it’s own way, whether I traveled in winter or summer, or for work or pleasure. My first train trip, however, was the most unique of all, and my memories of that first train trip for a wedding vacation will last forever.

My mother was planning her second wedding, when she and my stepfather decided they wanted to be married on a train. To this day I’m not exactly sure why they chose to marry on a train, but my stepfather has a grand sense of adventure so I’m sure that played a part in the decision that was made. In addition, guests of the wedding would get a two day vacation in Kansas City, the train’s final destination.

The train they chose departed St. Louis, made a stop in Jefferson City, and then went on to Kansas City, Missouri. Traveling by train was a very good idea for the wedding and the guests, as it was an exciting way to attend a wedding, and it was surprisingly easy to plan. The staff on the train was very helpful and accommodating. The staff at the station helped the guests get everything safely on board, and then the staff on the train made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed for a comfortable ride. Guests of the wedding were able to socialize before the ceremony took place, and were able to get food and drinks in snack car. Occasionally, the conductor would announce the cities we were passing through, and even announced the upcoming wedding that was going to take place.

The wedding took place between the aisles of the train car, with guests looking on. After the ceremony, guests ate and gathered for pictures. Once the train arrived in Kansas City, guests were helped off the train and gathered in Union Station for drinks. After a two day vacation in Kansas City, guests were treated to a relaxing ride back to St. Louis on the train. My parents were on the front page of the paper in St. Louis, and Amtrak, the train company, gave my parents free train tickets for their one year anniversary.

I fell in love with train travel on that wedding vacation. I found it to be less stressful than flying, and certainly less expensive. I felt safe on the train, and I enjoyed meeting some of the other travelers. I appreciate how easy it is to plan and book a train trip, as there are multiple routes that travel to many interesting vacation destinations. Since that first train trip, travel by train is always an option I consider when planning my vacations.

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