Chartering a Boat in Bulgaria – The delights of Culinary Tours

Chartering a Boat in Bulgaria – The delights of Culinary Tours

What better way to discover a new place, including the food, than by sailing there? You can charter a boat in Bulgaria and use as your base while you take to the shore to explore new cuisines and local delicacies as well as experiencing local life and culture. This is all available on a culinary tour to Bulgaria.

Travelling to Bulgaria by boat

Whatever type of boat charter you choose for your holiday to Bulgaria, you will find yourself sailing along the magnificent Black Sea coast with its stunning beaches and coastline. This is becoming a popular way to arrive in Bulgaria and with either a yacht charter that comes with your own crew, or a where you are essentially the ‘captain’ of your own boat, you will be able to find an itinerary that suits you.

Travelling by boat gives you the freedom to explore this country’s coastline and all that it has to offer in terms of food and culture, as you can decide where to moor and then set sail again to a different destination at your own pace.

A scene from the Yacht Club at Dunav, Bulgaria.

 Places to go in Bulgaria

Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Along the Black Sea coast are a large number of resorts, but the two main ones and the largest seaports are Varna and Burgas, which are located on the northern and southern coasts respectively.

Food in Bulgaria

Situated close to other Balkan countries but also bordering on the Mediterranean means that the cuisine on offer in Bulgaria has many influences. All meals tend to involve salad and soups are also a popular choice. Meat is often cooked in a healthy way by grilling, oven baking or as a stew rather than frying, with chicken and veal being the most commonly eaten, along with various types of fish. Dishes more commonly associated with Greece, including Moussaka and Baklava, are also popular in Bulgaria.

Tasting the food and experiencing the culture

Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria and is the largest city on the Black Sea coast. Although you could sail into Varna and moor your boat there, outside of the main city there are a number of coastal resorts that are well worth a visit, including Golden Sands and St Constantine and Helena, which is the oldest resort in this region. All the resorts situated near to Varna offer a variety of facilities, including restaurants serving typical Bulgarian food as well as a variety of other dishes.

A yacht sunset at St. Vlas, Bulgaria.

 Burgas has the largest port in Bulgaria and the city is also important for industry, culture and tourism. The city has a large number of museums as well as being the cultural centre of this region of Bulgaria and has several galleries, as well as being home to theatre and opera companies. This bustling metropolis also boasts a large number of restaurants, bars and accommodation, making it a ‘must stop’ place on a visit to this country. As you would expect with any city, there are restaurants serving a variety of food, including some serving local delicacies which are well worth visiting.


Whatever sort of charter you are planning to do, there is no better place to go than Bulgaria, where you can enjoy a relaxing sailing holiday, visit a stunning coastline with blue sea and golden beaches and combine it all with sampling some amazing food from a variety of cultures.

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