A guide to visiting the lakes of Germany.

A guide to visiting the lakes of Germany.

The stunning natural beauty of Germany´s spectacular countryside is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and water sports. Centred mostly in the Bavaria and Black Forest area, there are numerous lakes that provide awe-inspiring views, hiking trails, water sport activities, quaint medieval towns, peace and quiet and fun for all the family. don’t come around too often, so why not try visiting any of these nine stand-out lakes in Germany.

Lake Alpsee

Lake Alpsee is widely regarded as the most beautiful of all the German Lakes and it´s difficult to argue against this accolade. One of the encompassing highlights of what is known as “The Romantic Road,” in Germany´s fairytale region of Bavaria, distant mountains shimmer on its still waters and there are few awe-inspiring sights greater than the ice-covered natural mirror during the winter.

Lake Alpsee, Bavaria, Germany.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance is nestled into the border of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, but more than half of its shoreline falls into the territory of the latter, and it is from here that holiday visitors get the best views – and subsequently photographs – of the Alps in the background.

Lake Schluchsee

Stretching a distance of 7.5km through the southern region of the stunning Black Forest, Lake Schluchsee was formed after a glacier grooved a ravine in the Freiberg landmass during the last ice-age and melted in the aftermath. It is frequented by local and tourists for its wide selection of water sports such as canoeing, windsurfing and sail-boating.

Lake Titsee

Also located in the Black Forest is Lake Titsee near the famous spa town of Titsee-Neustadt. Visitors to the lake can also enjoy a number of water sports together with a good selection of trekking routes to explore the area and get amazing views of the lake from higher ground.

Lake Königssee

Nestled between dramatic mountain scenery of Bavaria a few minute´s drive from picturesque Salzburg, the 190-metre deep Lake Königsee (King´s Lake) is Germany´s deepest lake. Not far from Adolf Hitler´s famous Eagle´s nest, this stunning area is an ideal location for hiking together with boat trips across the lake.

An image of Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany.

Lake Chiemsee

Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Bavarian Alps, the idyllic Lake Chiemsee is best known for its three islands. Fraueninsel attracts art and nature lovers and features an alluring 8th Century Abbey, Herreninsel is home the Ludwig II “Temple of Glory,” castle and Krautinsel is ideal for exploring nature and escaping the crowds.

Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg just outside Munich is the most intriguing of Germany´s lakes as it was here that the enamoured King Ludwig mysteriously drowned in 1886. A small yet pleasant chapel was erected in the park as a memorial to the perished King, and the rumours of whether it was murder or suicide still remains a mystery.

Lake Mummelsee

Another of Germany´s idyllic lakes which is shrouded in mysterious folklore as it is in natural beauty is Lake Mummelsee which according to legend is inhabited by a King who was dragged down by underwater nymphs many years ago. Located in the northern territory of the Black Forest between Freudenstadt and Baden-Baden it takes a good forty minutes to get there but is a great location for visitors wanted to escape to find a bit of peace and quiet. Swimming is allowed and boats are available for hire.

Lake Muritz

Lake Muritz is the second largest lake in Germany after Lake Constance, though some argue it should be given the accolade as the largest as its shores are entirely in German territory whereas its counterpart is not. The lake graces the National Park of Mecklenburger and is surrounded by some delightful hamlets which can be visited by passenger boats zig-zagging across the lake. The medieval Isthmus of Klink and Röbel are both popular, the latter mostly for its 19th Century Gallery Dutch windmill and a charming 13th Century church.

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