A complete guide to wine tasting in Tuscany, Italy

A complete guide to wine tasting in Tuscany, Italy

A mention of Tuscany always receives appreciative nods when given amongst wine aficionados, synonymous as it is with the legacy of wine production in the area. Many who journey to Tuscany are in search of the history and culture which makes the area great; the recognition of the heritage of the grape and how integral the production of wine is to the local identity. Accompanying this history of fine drinking is the wonderful rolling hills and vineyards which dot the landscape, of stunning sunsets and long evenings under the warm night air.

Of course, for those uninitiated into the wine culture of this region, there are a variety of wine tasting courses or tours to be taken all across Italy. Wine tasting in Tuscany, or anywhere for that matter, is a great day out, although it can also be highly informative for anyone serious about learning more about the Vino Rosso. The appreciation of quality grapes and discovering the various nuances from different types does not come naturally for most. An experienced pallet has learnt what it knows over time and this is usually from sampling the different wines and being open to the different possibilities.


Undoubtedly the best way of learning is by an expert, and within Tuscany you won’t have travel far to find one. Tours in the region can take you all over; through the beautiful countryside, to some unspoilt areas of Italy you would seldom visit.

Based on perhaps the most well-known of the Italian red wines, the Chianti Classico Wine Tour will take your through the Chianti region, visiting two of the most influential wineries in the production of this famous ruby-red. If you want to sample the historic surroundings as well as the famous red, the Castles of Chianti wine tour is certainly worth your consideration. Stopping off at a winery situated within a genuine medieval Italian castle, it provides an experience imbued with both wine and history.



A glass of chianti from Tuscany.

A glass of chianti from Tuscany.



The abundance of wineries and culture in Tuscany and the surrounding areas means that the form in which you tour takes place is a flexible as your stay allows. For those taking a short break in the area a half day guided tour can be organised about the winery of your choice. Although if you plan to stay longer or perhaps make repeat visits to an Villa, longer private tours can be arranged if you want a more immersive experience.


There is of course nothing stopping the more adventurous amongst you from taking matters more into your own hands and walk or bike across the region. These comparatively slower ways of journeying give you a different prospective on the local scenery and ultimately making one of the best ways of appreciating the stunning view and wonderful history on offer.


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